Agile Meetings – Daily Status Meeting (Stand-up Meeting)

Agile Development Model inherits all of its practices from its composing methodologies, for example Scrum. One such practice in life cycle of a Scrum is to conduct Daily Sprint Status Meetings.
Daily Sprint Status Meetings (or Stand-up Meetings) are very crucial for implementing agile process in its true spirit and eventually for the success of that project.
Failure to adhere to these best practices will not result in very visible and immediate consequences; rather it will cost slow and gradual departure of overall team spirit and efficiency. Due to this subtle footprint of results of not pursuing these best practices, Scrum Master needs to be extra vigilant of these guidelines and must course correct at the first sight of non-compliance.
Below are some characteristics and best practices for conducting a Daily Sprint Status Meeting.
Agenda: To give daily status on:
a) What was completed today
b) What will be worked on tomorrow
c) If there were any blockers

Participants: Whole Team and Scrum Master
Recurrence: Every Day
Time Limit: 15 mins

Sprint Status Meeting Best Practices:

  • Daily Sprint Status Meeting must not exceed more than 15 minutes.
  • Keep daily status meeting focused on its purpose and agenda, do not mix agendas of other agile meetings with daily status meeting.
  • Minimize the distractions e.g. turn your electronics off.
  • Daily Sprint Status is also termed as Daily Stand-up meeting because it is recommended to conduct this meeting while all participants are standing in order to remain concise, attentive and then get on with their work briskly.
  • Attach fines to late comers in order to associate a sense of discipline to the Daily Stand-up meeting.
  • There should be a clear sign that the stand-up is over to avoid the feeling of being left out in participants.

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