Your Heart is Mind of Your Soul

Your Heart knows, what your soul needs.
Your Brain knows what your body needs.
Your Heart knows what you want to do;
Your Brain knows what you have to do.
Doing what you want to do, this way is
self actualization, satisfaction, passion, glory
Doing what you have to do, this way is
survival, adherence, regrets, success
Choose who you want to listen,
listen where you want to be

Relationship – Husband & Wife

Just came across these great tips to win your wife’s heart, so thought to summarize and share them with my friends for reference.

Use it as a checklist and come back frequently to evaluate your Husband Score. It does not matter which religion or sect you are from because Wife is a Universal Truth.

1. Make her feel secure (Don’t tell her I’ll get rid of you)
2. Say Asalam-o-Alikum (Greetings) when u come home
3. Wife is Fragile treat her like that
4. Advice her in privacy not in front of everyone (in love atmosphere)
5. Be Generous with her (your business is with God)
6. Give her your seat and give her space
7. Avoid anger with her (remain Bawazoo)
8. Looking Good and smell great for your wife
9. Don’t be rigid with your wife
10. Be a good listener to your wife
11. Yes for flattering, No for arguing
12. Call your wife with best names she like’s to hear
13. Give her Pleasant surprises
14. Preserve your tongue
15. Accept her shortcomings & Expect your shortcomings
16. Appreciate what she does and thank her
17. Be in touch with her relationships (mom, dad)
18. Speak the topic of her interest
19. In front of her relatives show that she is wonderful
20. Give each other gifts
21. Get rid of the routine off and on
22. Think Good of her
23. Ignore her little mistakes or words
24. Be patient with her
25. Expect her jealousy, Accept her jealousy
26. Be humble with her (may be she is not qualified but she is leader at home)
27. Don’t disturb her for your friends
28. Help her at home tasks
29. Help her respect your mom and dad
30. Make her feel that she is an ideal wife
31. Remember your wife with Dua (prayer)
32. Leave the past to Allah (before marriage and after fights)
33. Don’t show that you are doing a favor by bringing food home or other tasks.
34. Sheetan (Devil) is your enemy, not your wife. Be aware of him
35. Feed her with your hand
36. Consider & Treat your wife as a precious pearl
37. Smile at her always
38. Don’t ignore little things that she didn’t like
39. Avoid being moody or harsh hearted
40. Respect her thinking
41. Help her to dig in her skills
42. Respecting the intimate relationship and its boundaries (if she is not in a mood, respect her feeling)
43. Help her to take care of children
44. Give her gifts of the tongue (you look nice today etc.)
45. Sit and have meal with her
46. Let her know that you are traveling. Let her know your timings
47. Do not leave home if argument breaks up
48. Home has secrecy and privacy (Don’t share your information with others)
49. Encourage each other with worships (Haj or Umrah etc.)
50. Her rights upon you should be engraved in your hearts
51. Treat her with kindness and goodness in happy or bad time
52. Gently bring her close rather than jumping on her
53. Do not go with your problem to other people (it’s like a wound to be opened for germs)
54. Care for her health
55. You cannot be always right
56. Share with her your happiness and sadness
57. Have mercy on her weakness
58. Be a comfortable chest for her whenever she needs support
59. Accept her as she is (accept her weaknesses)
60. Having the good intention for your wife always-God knows Niat (Intentions)