Configuration Manager’s Job Description

Configuration Managers are hired and tasked with achieving goals set for a Software Configuration Management Department. Achieving those goals demands clear understanding of what should be done(job description) and what skills are required to do it (job requirements).

Job Description:

Understanding of SCM & Goals: It is very important for a Configuration Manager to know and understand software configuration management concepts, goals, benefits and standard strategies to achieve those goals. With thorough understanding managers will be able to develop SCM policies for their organization which won’t compromise the desired benefits.

SC Managers must also keep themselves abreast with latest industry developments in the domain of software configuration management and keep an eye on how others are doing it.

Liaison with Project Managers: In small organizations, Project Managers are usually taking care of some of the additional responsibilities of a Configuration Manager. However in medium to large organizations, where two individuals are assigned on these roles, a communication channel must remain opened between the two roles and close coordination is mandatory.

Irrespective of who makes the call on decisions pertaining to mainline management, branching, build cycles and release dates, both managers must always be on the same page on these subjects.

Liaison with Software Developers: Whoever is responsible for taking out functions of a Configuration Manager is required on daily basis to coordinate with developers on matters related to code check-ins, change tracking, build failures and communicating results of code analysis.

Liaison with Quality Assurance: Quality Assurance department receives builds generated by Configuration Managers. With more automation tools available, it is becoming convenient to automate unit and integration tests that are executed just before builds are handed over to Quality Assurance. Configuration Managers have to build a liaison with quality teams on improving test coverage of automated tests and staging releases as they are tested by QA.

Liaison with other Departments: Configuration Managers also interact with managers in other departments including Operations and Support. Operations department receives a fully tested build from Configuration Managers and deploy it on production environments. Support teams need to communicate with CMs when some issues need to be back tracked into time.

What you want from your Configuration Managers?

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