Your Heart is Mind of Your Soul

Your Heart knows, what your soul needs.
Your Brain knows what your body needs.
Your Heart knows what you want to do;
Your Brain knows what you have to do.
Doing what you want to do, this way is
self actualization, satisfaction, passion, glory
Doing what you have to do, this way is
survival, adherence, regrets, success
Choose who you want to listen,
listen where you want to be

4 thoughts on “Your Heart is Mind of Your Soul

    • Thanks!! .. i was actually discussing Iqbal’s poem titled “Tipu Sultan Kay Nam Khat”, with my younger bro and this sheer in particular where it says “Aqal ka jo gulam ho wo dil na ker kabool”, it kind of confirmed my analogy that heart is actually voice of your soul 🙂 .. and it kind of aligned with the concept of being passionate and doing what you deeply desire and your purpose in life.

  1. yea beautiful poem. actually i have heard it recently in junaid jamshed voice. nice voice beautiful words. truly inspiring.

    and good extra contraceptual bilingualistic approach of translating iqbal’s thoughts in English. well done. 🙂

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